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RekonZero Test Results

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RekonZero Test Results

Post by JamieM on Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:34 pm

estee DN: { Thunder } Pyro
Testee Deck: Fire fist

Tester DN: Jamiemcg1111
Tester Deck: Spirits

Number of cards in deck: 40/25

Duel Results: 20/20 (2 Duel in single no siding)
+10 per win

Misplays: 6/10
For every misplay the testee will lose 2 points
never noticed i under calculated his attacks twice

Flexibility: 15/20
Testee's ability to adapt to the circumstances of a duel

Duel Control: 7/10
Based of how the tester feels the testee controlled the duel

Use of Cards: 5/5
How well the testee used cards and their effects to his/her advantage

Deck Consistency: 15/30
How well the deck flowed and allowed something to be done

Concentration: 10/10
How well the testee paid attention, asking what happened or who attacked etc is bad attention

Opinion of overall skill 25/35
(35=perfect)(25=good)(15=decent)(5=bad)(0=were not that good)

Total points: 143/160

welcome to obelisk blue


0-118 Slifer Red
119-129 Ra Yellow
130-149 Obelisk Blue
150-160 Horakhty White


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