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Rules - must read

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Rules - must read Empty Rules - must read

Post by Prince Vampire on Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:17 pm

here is our academy rules:

there will be no harassment or flaming on this site, such actions will be punished by a three strike system. we will post strikes made by members on a separate forum. if you don't want this to be shown then DON'T BREAK THE RULES!

you are not allowed to spam.(posting the same thing more than twice in a row or posting the same thing with another doing the same counts as spamming) each offense gets the following punishments based on how consecutively it happens:
1x warning
2x warning and deletion of posts involved
3x ban for a day
4x ban for a week
5x permanent ban

do not harass or ignore the administrators, they work hard to make this site safe for sensitive posters and are sometimes leanient on the rules just to let you have fun. the punishments go as follows:
1x warning
2x ban for day
3x ban for month
4x perma ban

Don't be a rule shark, that is the ADMINISTRATOR'S JOB! you can warn people to not do something once, but consecutively is not allowed.

Don't accuse people of anything without proof, and even with proof, provide it to an admin. don't consecutively tell people about somebodies supposed wrongdoing or 'tattling'. the punishments are as follows:
1x warning and related posts deleted
2x warning
3x ban for a day
4x ban for week
5x ban for year

Having multiple accounts for this site is a HUGE no-no, you MUST TELL AN ADMIN if you have multiple accounts to let us know ahead of time. we WILL IP CHECK anyone under any suspicions. If you think somebody is breaking this rule, tell an admin so he/she can ip check the offender and act when needed. punishments for this offense go as follows:
1x ban for week
2x ban for year
3x perma ban

*if you make a new account for the soul porpouse of apology to this academy, the ban(to your soul account) will be demoted two levels and the account your using to post the apology will be banned.However, if you make a major offense again, your I.P. will be banned for 1-2 years.

NO inappropriate images/links/posts, this includes pronography, obscene images, drugs, harsh language. the punshments for offences follow:
1x warning and deletion of post
2x ban for a day
3x ban for a week
4x IP ban forever

NO saying curse words u can star them out (example:F**K) no saying it about a nother person

1x warning
2x ban for day
3x ban for week
4x ban for month
5x perminant ban
Prince Vampire
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